Privacy policy

All data I do collect, I analyze it only for statistics and improvements to this site as well as for your ease of use.

This is considered a legal agreement between me and you, ie using this site you agree to the following conditions:

If you do not like this, you drive yourself from this site by clicking on Google Search.

I collect and analyze data only for statistics and improvements to this site as well as for your ease of use.

If I do not currently use it, I will probably implement all possible tools that follow what you are doing on this site. Read on:

What data can I collect? Like any advanced site - all that Google allows me if possible: the operating system, device, location, gender, age group, language, state, city, and so on. You can read more about it at the following link:Collecting Data from Google

In this way, third-party data may be collected from this site. To understand, I'm not controlling Google though I'd rather be the owner but not Cambridge Analytica.

It's possible that I sometimes play and set a code that tracks what you do with the mouse on this site.

For your privacy, you are responsible yourself and no one else. The lack of knowledge is expensive, so I recommend that you keep up with the following link: internet privacy.

If something is not clear or you want to delete your data, please contact me via contact form. In the shortest possible time, which does not mean in 30 minutes, I will erase all your information. Although I had to write it, I only have a name (right or false); emails and comments from those who leave a comment because it is saved in the database.

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