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I am SEO Evangelist with over 15 years and SEM Manager with 8 years of experience, outsourcing my knowledge to the USA and companies around the world.

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It's time for You to enjoy into your website and collect the fruits of what can bring you top positioning in search engines like Google, Bing etc.

Site optimization, outsourcing campaigns, SEO, PPC, display advertising and email marketing.

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Website + SEO

Real estate website SEO.

Nekretnine Budva

SEO strategy and technology

Real estate Budva

SEO Score: main and long-tail keywords in the first 3 position.

After several months of paying specialized foreign SEO agency the owner decided to contact me. The site was in bad shape, kicking down from the third page in Google search, with no long-tail or other keywords. I've decided to make new site from the scratch, to change indentity and branding.

With a just few good backlinks and prepared code with latest SEO tech: meta title and description, keywords in URL, alt tags, microformat, location etc. the site scored first place on the main keyword in just 20 days and dozens of 1-3 places with long-tail keywords and dramatically increased sales and leads.

Tehcnology: CMS ProcessWire.

For such huge website I knew the right choice was ProcessWire. It provided features like automatic thumbnails and complete control over the code. After raising new site, we start building social pages on: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Outsourcing SEO

Dedicated support.

SEO & SEM Services Montenegro

Outsoursing SEO

Cheapiest Way To Offshore Your Business

Dramatically increase of sales and leads! There are several great reasons to outsource Search Enegine Optimization:

  1. Dedicated SEO Manager
  2. Analysis your website + competitors
  3. Finding your keywords and qualifing them
  4. Planning the best strategy
  5. Conducting campaign
  6. Creating effective content
  7. Measurable results
  8. Weekly + Monthly reports


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