google analytics vs google tag manager

Google Analytics vs Tag Manager

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Analytics and/or Advertising? Do it throw Google Tag Manager

Since GMT (Google Tag Manager) started, I have no idea why "experts" (of course I do, but...) are using solely GA (Google Analytics) for complicated stuff anymore. I often hear, "There would no be sail over the website if I didn't use GA."

Is Google Analytics enough?

google analytics
Google Analytics is a great tool

It's like taking the Ford Model T from 1908. y. and going to German Nürburgring to compete. Sound crippling and funny? Yes, it is.

GTM is the ideal tool and centralized spot to get various data from a website and send them to GA and Google Ads. There is more to it, but I am trying to explain GTM.

It completely obscured some GA functionalities and made them unnecessary, like Tags. Naturally, GA will track and store data, but setting up marketing tags is a headache. There is a solution: Google Tag Manager.

Tracking Users via GTM

reports google data studio
Analyzing data

It is way easier to organize triggers, tags, and variables to track what the user is doing on the website, where he clicked, whether he started populating a contact form and didn't finish, and whether he did not complete the buying process of a product even though he placed it in the shopping cart.

It is also excellent for conversion tracking. Connecting tags with Google Ads is the fastest way to track desired website events. GTM is connectable to HubSpot (e.g., for remarketing) or inserted in any vital marketing tool.

You can import GA code, Facebook Pixel, Twitter Ads tracking code, etc. There is no limit. The good side is that it is all in one place, easy to control and set.

Google Data Studio

google data studio
Google Data Studio

GDT (Google Data Studio) is a fantastic tool for interactive dashboards and beautiful reports. How lovely they can be depends on their skills. These reports can be effective for making crucial business decisions.

So, no, you don't watch Google Analytics all day since we have GTM. It is just a "fire and forget" tool.

Published on 6. Jul 2021.

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