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Content is a king, but there are no too many marketeers who know to tell the story right. And what about eBay or Amazon, where there is little text?

content is a king
content is a king

Did you know that Google is ranking websites based on quality text too? It is one of the vital SEO factors for better ranking in Google search results (SERP). There are various tools to measure the quality of a text, such as SMOG grade, Gunning fog index, Flesch Reading Ease, and Flesch–Kincaid grade level.

Of course, I am not Mark Twain or Fyodor Dostoevsky, but precisely I know what search engine and user needs: what kind of text, the architecture, how long, titles, subtitles, description, while taking care of the bounce rate.

There are no fixed rules. How hard it depends on competitors and how (good can be) measurable your website and descriptions of product/services. So, one text can be 400-600 words and very useful to users, but if competitors made better ones, longer, you have to fight back with two more pages and 1800-2100 words per page.

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seo text to code ratio
Text to code ratio is an SEO factor

"Text to code ratio is an SEO factor" - I am repeating this last 10+ years but no use. Web designers are making websites for their glory, and that's a huge problem. Owners are using click and install CMS (control management systems) without any proper consultation, and in the end, they want to spend pennies for SEO Manager.

More text than code. More text, way more. The website is not tailoring for YOUR, but customer/user needs. Beauty comes a long way after the utmost SEO factors. Prepare titles, write with all seriousness about product/service, make it practical. Make it worth it.

Typical websites, if not vertical like Amazon/eBay, real estate, gambling and similar, should not load more than 3-7 scripts and few style files. In that way, it is easy to maintain this ratio. If the website has ~50, it is time for reconciliation.

Outsourcing SEO Copywriting in Montenegro

Outsourcing SEO Copytight
Outsourcing SEO Copywriting

A third of companies, 30 percent, outsource some or all of their content marketing.

Not rarely, Balkans are known for English with no accent. Our English is not the best, but sometimes there are jewels. I don't count myself in perfect Oxford English. I worked for the US and other markets, and it showed results.

Words can change minds, touch hearts. They can heal and hurts. They can drive desire in the right direction, also manipulate. I am using words for white hat techniques, fair marketing, not for cheats.

I am taking care of the analysis of audience, keyword and phrases research, meta title and meta description, avoiding voice misuse, authentic content, the weight and readability of the text, focus on the topic, and no plagiarism.

After exploring the missing ingredients and what exactly your website pages need, would you like me to send you a recommendation?

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