Privacy Policy

I will not use your data except your email/name, provided by you, to answer you. I use cookies for the website so it would work better and nothing else. I don't have Analytics, neither I am interested in promoting parts of this website like the blog section because it is my personal opinion. That's all.

GDPR: I will not keep your data more than necessary. You can always ask me to erase all of your personal details except we had a contract. I will do that as soon as possible.

Terms & Conditions

This website and all its pages and parts, and all its content, are fully copyrighted. All images are forbidden for usage in any shape or form, except in the case the author provided you the permission, but that's not my business.

As I can't truck what some hackers do and stay 100% of my time on this website and server (which is not mine), I am not responsible for any damage/damages this website can cause in that case. Use it at your own risk.

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