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26. Jun 2021
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WordPress is a horror story of every SEO manager

And I meant real SEO Managers, not install, clickety-click "SEO Managers" who doesn't know to code.

At this very moment, 34% of all websites had been developed in WordPress. As I already unfold the topic of this blog post nevertheless, let's start in detail.

What is a WordPress?

wordpress cms
WordPress is a free CMS

WordPress is a CMS (control management system) for a blog. Indeed, it is the perfect CMS for the blog. It has permanent and logical URLs, good basics of SEO (I am speaking about a blog), categories, various plugins like a sitemap, and advanced SEO.

Back in time, most bloggers used WordPress because of the main difference between him and Joomla! (in that time most popular CMS) were nice URLs, categories, and simplicity of use.

People needs nice URLs! Joomla: "f... them!"

programming php
coding CMS

While Joomla! version 1.x had this type of URLs:


WordPress had:


And Google thought the same because it provided better ranking, better out-of-the-box solution, no coding, and no possible tampering. Ideal solution for non-programmers.

The fire was set and immediately started to spread - the majority of influentials were on WordPress and the word kept spreading about easy-to-use CMS.

Back in the Joomla's world, no one cared. The figures started to run to the advantage of the WP. And at that moment, WordPress starts to be everything except the blog tool.

Real Estate, Listings, Classified Ads... Holy Grail?

The WP had new plugins, builders... Plugins spread in every direction from blog tool to real estate websites, listing, classified ads... Name it.

The main problem is themes. Besides plugins, you can buy a beautiful theme/template for 30-50 bucks. Looking like developers made one theme and then just continued making the second one with more code which will fix the previous one. In the end, the third theme gets 100 CSS and JavaScript files.

The websites started to slow down, maintenance is hard, the PHP code is often idiotically written by amateurs. Today, the WP is the ruin, the most horrific bunch of everything, a packet full of surprises and no-one knows how exactly it outputs the code in combination with x plugins - an excellent top-notch programmer needs hours just to catch a function. And I haven't mentioned page builders!.

What about SEO?

Search engine optimization
SEO analysis

Forget SEO. The code is bad, there are some standards but it looks like no one has control. For one simple website sometimes you have more than 100 CSS and JavaScript files while there is no need for (5) in total.

The most famous plugins are making problems. Bunch of unnecessary sitemaps, lack of knowledge in multilanguage situations. I saw the websites where the owner entered more than 500 words in meta descriptions because there is nothing explained or limiting him. I had to intervene and fix few extensions so they would work properly. Horror.

Is there a fix?

fixing code
use better tools

If the main team of developers introduces standards and doesn't publish poorly written plugins there is a fix. So, yes, no, as blogs don't exist anymore, it is time to proclaim WP for cultural heritage and finish it for good.

Is there an alternative for WordPress?

Indeed there is, and don't be afraid, be smart. There are control management systems written in the same programming language PHP. I would start with my favorite: ProcessWire. PW in one hand and all others in the other hand: very serious and proven Drupal, fabulous Joomla!, and super-duper Magento for e-commerce solutions.

PS: As I am right, I am glad I didn't install comments as I can imagine what owners of the code/plugins/themes would write. Bunch of ignorant tugs ripping of honest people

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